Thursday, June 4, 2009

How is your day going so far? Staying on track?


  1. It is okay. I still have 12 points left for dinner today. Last night though was the beginning of my week and unfortunately I used up ovr half my weekly allowance. I had an indian dish called patra and is basically steamed leaves with a little bit of chickpea flour. I could not find the nutritional facts online except for the store brand version of Deep Foods. And it sucks cause their had cocunut, etc in it. But mine were plain old steamed. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Dimple,

    12 points sounds like a lot. Are you eating enough during the day? How many points do you get per day? Also, because you are not the primary cook at home, do you try to save most of your points for dinner?

  3. Do you belong to Weight Watchers? Carol

  4. Carol - I am on Weight Watchers. Been on it for like three months now.

    Kanwal - I get about 28 points per day. Dinner is always been my heaviest meal and so I try to save at least 15 points for dinner for any mistakes that can happen. Even though , I am not the primary cook, when I think something is made that I don;t want or wont work with my diet, I try to find substitutions. I think I am definetly eating enough during the day. Sometimes I feel like it is more than enough but then I realize I am just making better decisions on what I eat.