Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Your Workout On...

With summer practically here I think we are all working a littleharder to get our bodies awesomely toned. I thought I'd post a few practical ways for you to get you workout on! Tae-Bo - with a busy work schedule Billy and I have gotten to know each other again :-). In my opinion, nothing beats the original Tae-Bo, but there is Tae-Bo cardio and Tae-Bo bootcamp available. You'll get yourself a great heart pumping workout with these! Take a class - why not get your heart pumping and learn some new dance moves at the same time. That's exactly what I did when I took Bhangra classes in the city! There are an array of dance classes you can take and still get a great workout. Salsa, bhangra, and belly dancing are great ideas! Go traditional - lace up your running shoes and go for an hours speedwalk or a cardio pumping run! Gymin It - I still love going to the gym for my runs and stairmaster. However, if you are a member of a gym and feel like something different, look into the classes they have to offer. These days I see gyms are being pretty innovative in trying out new things. I've even seen a hula hoop class! Yoga - I personally have not tried this, but a lot of my friends are into Bikram yoga. According to them you do body challenging positions in a room over 100 degrees! I do think this is something that I'd like to try out! So, what do you guys do to workout? PS: I have a guest pass to the NYSC, if anyone wants to join me for aworkout, that'd be great!

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  1. Well, I've been doing my Pilates faithfully, and I began walking this week. I belong to a gym, but haven't been there recently since I've been doing these other things. Also, I got my hip scarf out and my belly dance DVD and I'm ready to do that, too! Loving the results. I just hope I can stick with it. Carol