Thursday, March 14, 2013

Almost Friday....

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday!! There's only a couple of days left and then helloooo weekend. My week has been fueled with healthy eats and a few workouts. I'm also preparing for a Costa Rican themed party on Friday night.

In November I went to Costa Rica for a fun filled, activity driven trip. A trip that was fun with hiking volcanos, zip lining and eating great food. The traditional Costa Rican meal was centered around a cassada. A cassada is a plate of food consisting of a protein (chicken/fish), rice, beans, plantains, salad and an egg. This meal can be fairly healthy. I love the way the Costa Rica s like to keep it simple. So, Friday night will be a Costa Rican themed party!

Last night I boiled the eggs, marinated the chicken, made the black beans and the pasta salad. Tonight I will marinate the fish. This way on Friday all I have to do is put the chicken in the oven and make the plantains:-) Ah, I LOVE themed parties!

Do you guys ever have themed parties?

PS: Food pics to come soon!

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