Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liberte Goat Fresh Cheese

I decided to try a new yogurt today for my snack. As with most yogurts on the new Weight Watchers plan, this was 4 points. Today I tried Liberte Goat Fresh Cheese. Actually, no where on the container does it say 'yogurt,' but the consistency of this is that of yogurt, so I like to call it yogurt. Instead of being made from cow's milk, this yogurt is made from goat's milk, which leads every bite to taste a bit like goat cheese. To be more precise, this tastes like half goat cheese and half yogurt mixed together, a bit cheesy and a bit tart. This yogurt definitely did taste much different that your cow's milk yogurt, but I don't think I would buy this again, only because I am not use to the taste. The taste of half goat cheese and half plain yogurt made it taste plasticy to me...I know..ewww. So, in conclusion, for 150 calories and 4 points...I think I would rather stick to my favorite Greek Yogurts... image: thenibble.com

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