Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Avoiding Food Temptations At Work...

Everyone one at work has probably faced food temptations. It could be the food in the kitchen or that one office that you know has all the great snacks and chocolate. Sure, we all give in from time to time, but how do you really resist the temptation to go in everyday and not spoil your day of eating healthy? Here are a few tips to help avoid this common pitfall.
  1. If there is an office with communal snacks, offer to bring something healthy such as pretzels, almonds or dried fruit.
  2. Before eating that extra slice of cake or piece of chocolate, ask yourself if it's really worth it! Think about how far you've come along and you do not want to ruin your efforts by indulging too much.
  3. If the kitchen is a weakness for you then avoid it totally.
  4. Keep your healthy goals in mind.
  5. Know when to stop. Go ahead and have a small piece of chocolate but the WALK AWAY!
  6. Start your own communal fruit bowl.
  7. If you are hungry, don't walk past the kitchen or any sweets in the office.
  8. Keep healthy granola bars at your desk. When you crave something sweet, go for a Kashi bar instead of a Snickers bar.

Do you guys have any tips for staying healthy at work?

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Don't go into Mayo's office. =) ~Vi
    But you have wonderful healthy snacks at your desk all the time.