Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello Stranger...

Hi Guys,

Long time no talk! I know I know...it's me, not you.  I'm hoping to blog more regularly now.  You have to start from somewhere. So, here I am...starting!  Let's just get over this awkwardness and straight into this post!

So, after a year and a half, I finally made it to the gym.  Why, after a year and a half?  Let's just say mom life has kept me pretty busy. I'm now into a solid routine and ready to get back at it!  As far as baby weight goes, I still have 12 pounds to shave off. More importantly though, I want to gain my strength back.  I feel my body is weak.  I want to gain back cardio strength, core strength and upper body strength.

It's so weird...I use to work out all the time.  In college, I skipped classes to go to the gym. Adult life, I always made time for the gym.  Due to all this I have always had strength. Sure, I may not have been the leanest of individuals, but I was a healthy, strong person.  More important than losing weight, I want to feel healthy, strong and energetic. I want to be the Energizer Bunny (my nickname after college).

How am I going to get there:

  • Balance (family time: my loves, work:  productivity)
  • Healthy diet (cut the sugar)
  • Exercise (combine cardio and strength)
  • Happiness (cut the negativity out in life)
  • Sunshine (feel the rays on my skin) - I have always been a sun person!

How is this blog going to help me:
I want this blog to hold me accountable with the "How am I going to get there". I also hope to share my experiences. My ups and downs. Show people that this is what life is about...ups and downs. I want to share my exercises, foods, recipes and outdoor adventures.  For now...this is good. Baby steps with everything (no pun intended).

What I need to ask of myself:  Be patient.  If I can only lift 10 lbs of weight, it's OK. I'm starting. I will only get better. Just be patient.

What I ask of you: Sit back, relax and let's learn together!

Oh yeah,


PS:  We got this...

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