Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Checking In...

Hello Hello! I know... It's been a while! I just got back from a fun little vacation in Florida! Although sunny, I hate to say that most of our days were chilly. If you guys know me, my favorite type of vacation is where it's sunny, HOT, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Unfortunately, the days were just not warm enough to get in the water :(. It's ok... this just means I can look forward to the next vacation! Barbados anyone :) ?

While in Florida we certainly did eat a lot of good food and a lot of key lime pie. Seriously... LOVED the key lime pie in Key West. 

Oh... There was also key lime ice cream:)

And lots and lots of DELICIOUS Caribbean food!

Mmm...the best food was at Yardi Spice. A small mom and pop shop in Homestead, FL. The owner, JP, greeted us with all smiles and it felt like he welcomed us in his home. We all devoured the jerk chicken, goat curry, fish and veggie curry. The food was so fresh. JP even welcomed us into the kitchen to take a look at what's being cooked. DELICIOUS! Thank you, JP!

Florida was beautiful. The drive from Miami to Key West was mesmerizing!

Now, back in Jersey, it's time to focus! I'm now working on doing a little bit of this:

And eating more of:

God speed! More to come later...

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