Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting My Fitness On...

Moving on...as stated in my previous post, I made it to the gym today. Since it was my first day back after a while, things were a bit..ahem...slow. 

I did twenty minutes of this old favorite:

I then went and worked on strength. I did three exercises:
Bicep curls with weight bar: 12.5lbs/ 12 reps, 3x
Chest flies using dumbbells: 10lbs/ 12 reps, 3x
Chest press using dumbbells: 10lbs/ 12 reps, 3x

Of course, I had to work on my core:
25 crunches
20 sit ups 
10 weighted crunches (10lbs)

I feel good.

I will be sore tomorrow. 
Sore is good. 

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