Thursday, January 3, 2013

Barry's Bootcamp

Good Morning!

In keeping up with my New Year's resolution, I decided to take on Barry's 30 day bootcamp challenge.  What I like about this challenge is there's an easy to follow calendar, which lets you know what workout you are suppose to do AND each workout is an intense 21 minutes!

There are two DVD's: one that focuses on the upper body and one that focuses on the lower body.  Each DVD also has "Mission" workouts which are short (12 minute) workouts that work on specifics such as abs, legs, thighs etc.  I figured, hey, its 21 minutes a day...I CAN do this.

January 1st, I started the first workout for lower body.  January 2nd, I completed the workout for the second day.  I'm hoping to follow the calendar every day to accomplish this :-)

Have you guys tried any of Barry's workouts?

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