Thursday, May 19, 2011

Undoing the day...

So, I started my day off well. I had the same breakfast as yesterday: hard boiled egg and my Peanut Butter Banana Muffin. Yes, breakfast was good. Dinner was extremely heavy.

Whenever I have a heavy meal, as full as I may be. I feel eating an apple or berries will sop up all the extra oil in me and clean me out. Of course this is all psychological but this makes me feel better. There's something about thinking of berries as a clean food, loaded with antioxidants and fiber. So, what did I do after my very heavy meal of Indian food (dessert included)? I made myself a very simple blackberry shake. In my hand held blender cup I put in a handful of frozen blackberries and about 2 cups of cold water. After a quick blend, I poured this into my juice jar and happily drank away!

Ah, now I can sleep easy tonight knowing the antioxidants from the blackberries is ridding my body of toxins :-p

Do you guys have any foods you eat to negate your food habits of the day?

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