Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seriously Cereal...

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you all are doing well and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, I decided to do a post comparing two cereals: Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat cereal and Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal. Let's start off with the stats for Kashi Heart to Heart: Cal: 120 Fat: 1.5g Fiber: 5g WW pts.: 2 Fiber One: Cal: 160 Fat: 1.5g Fiber: 13g WW pts.: 3 Yesterday, I decided to have the Fiber One for breakfast. My opinion, this really was not a great cereal. Sure, it's got 13 grams of fiber and no it did not taste card boardy, but it definitely had an after taste, that tasted like aspartame. That turned me off big time! Also, when looking at the ingredients, I see it does contain high fructose corn syrup, which I'm really not that hot about. The bran flakes also got soggy after being in milk for a couple of minutes. Would I have this cereal again? NO! Today, I opted for the Kashi and was extremely happy over this decision. There was no un natural after taste. A one cup serving only has 2.5 WW pts and to start the day off with 7 grams of fiber is not bad! Also, the oat clusters STAYED crunchy...yum! My opinion, go with the Kashi. It's lower in points and definitely more satisfying! What did you have for breakfast?


  1. I am not into cereals+milk but do enjoy Fiber One Chewy Bars and Kashi TCL with coffee almost every day. I prefer the former though.

  2. Hi Vishal,
    I believe both can be a nutritious start to the day. It's just a taste preference. I've noticed as I've weened off of processed foods, my palate is more sensitive to HFCS or sugar free sweeteners.