Thursday, November 12, 2009

***Question of the Day: Scales***

Dear Kanwal,
I've decided to invest in a scale, but do not know which kind to buy. I'm looking for an easy to read scale, that is reliable.

Dear Anonymous,

Just last weekend I went to Bed Bath and Beyond in search of an easy to read, reliable scale as well! Luckily I found The Biggest Loser Scale. What caught my eye about this scale was, when you weigh yourself, it portrays the amount of calories needed to maintain your weight. Also, the scale is extremely easy to program, and has a big digital screen to view your weight and calories. The scale costs $39.99, but with those wonderful 20% off coupons, it was a only $32.99, not bad for something you will have for a very long time! Here are more specs on the scale from BB&B:

Bath scale has a super wide 15" glass platform and features CalMax™ which provides the amount of calories needed to maintain weight. The silver back painted glass platform has silver accents to create a handsome addition to your bathroom. Extra large display measures 2 1/4" and features 2" digits. Weight capacity is 440 pounds in .02 pound increments. Measures approximately 16 3/4" W x 13 1/4" D. Five-year warranty. Model # 75444102BL.

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