Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recipe Alert: Coconut Lassi

This healthy lassi recipe was inspired from Beginners Bollywood. This week in class we are working on learning choreography to Lungi Dance from Chennai Express. One of my favorite lines in this song is " Coconut me lassi milake."  Oh yes, there's nothing like a cold, refreshing lassi to cool you down on a hot day. What's even better than lassi is adding coconut to your lassi. Yes, you read that correctly! If you can have mango lassi, why not coconut lassi?!?Don't worry, I got you covered on this. 

Lassi can be a great post workout treat. The yogurt provides protein and the coconut cream provides you with medium chain fatty acids and the water is great for rehydrating. This is especially awesome after you've taken a Beginners Bollywood class at Bollywood Axion. Not only will Pooja teach a great, fun class but she will also give you an awesome cardio workout! This lassi can be whipped up in a minute and keep you cool for a while! 

Now, without further delay, I present to you my recipe for a healthy and delicious lungi inspired, Coconut Lassi. 

Coconut Lassi
1/2c non fat plain Greek yogurt
1/4c coconut cream
1 1/2c cold water
Optional:  1tsp. sugar OR 1tsp. salt
Ice cubes

Combine all ingredients, except ice cubes, in a blender (add sugar for a sweet lassi, add salt for a salty lassi).  Blend for 30 seconds. Put ice in a tall glass. Pour lassi over. 

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