Monday, September 10, 2012

Lethargic Morning...

Yesterday I woke up EXTREMELY lethargic. I'm pretty sure I woke up feeling like this because of all the crap I ate the night before (heavy, oily Indian food with tons of rice). I'm telling you, I really do feel physically horrible when I don't eat well. Anywho, I woke up feeling like crapola and I was absolute dreading my 1:00pm bootcamp class. First of all, I had not been to bootcamp in two weeks. I feel this military style class is so fierce yet so AWESOME! You are definitely pushed and leave accomplishing obstacles you never thought you could.

So, I made it to bootcamp. Yesterday's class was a four person class. This was both good and bad. Good because the instructor was able to give me great attention and advice for the workout. Bad because the instructor was able to give me great attention :-p

We did our usual military style workout and then headed to the obstacle course. The obstacle course always scares me because I need help getting over the higher walls. I'm also pretty slow at hurdles. Yesterday however, I was about to go over the Discipline wall with assistance. That is, until my trainer came over to me and said no assistance, you can do this! With all the doubts in my mind and thinking if I fell at least I would land on a rubber padded ground :-p With that in mind, I jumped up, grabbed the top of the wall, "walked" up, threw my right leg over and hurled myself over the discipline wall. Once over... I was ecstatic!!!! I had so much energy and was on cloud nine :-)

I think I have a chance in conquering Tough Mudder!

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