Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Food Choices We Make...

When working in obtaining a healthy lifestyle, did you ever ask yourself how you obtained such an unhealthy lifestyle? I asked myself this question today and realized the answer was all the poor, unhealthy choices I've made, thinking "Oh, why don't I have this cupcake's a special occasion" or "Hey, I've eaten well for two days, I deserve a cheat day". When I added it all up, I realized I actually gave myself more excuses to make bad choices and less reasons of making healthy decisions.

Today alone I almost convinced myself to have a cupcake. After making a conscious decision I decided to have an apple. I could have also totally blown my lunch but instead but opted to have a healthy tuna sandwich and soup.

Continuously making healthy choices will allow you to see results that last and let you appreciate real, clean eating and not overload on sugar.

What also really helps is planning. Every Sunday I hit up the grocery store and buy a bag of apples, string beans, carrots and bell peppers. I cut up all the vegetables, place them in baggies and bring these and the apples to work and leave them there. Now, if I want an unhealthy snack I think twice and reach for an apple instead.  I also take some time out to make some healthy meals for the week.  This way I know when I come home from work, I have a healthy, homemade dinner waiting for me.

We are what we eat and if every time we want a snack and reach for chips... guess what...we are going to look like a sack of potatoes :-p

I hope this post allows you to think twice about the food choices you make...especially if you are unhappy with your body and wonder why. Sometimes you just need to put things in perspective to realize what's going on, and that's OK. Better late than never!

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