Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looks like the hardest day of the week is over! Good bye Monday, hellllllo Tuesday! Oh yes, four more days to a three day weekend :-)

Yesterday was a busy day consumed with work and TWO gym sessions. The first gym session was a 1:00pm Total Body Conditioning class at NYSC. I normally love a body conditioning class but the instructor was horrible. All she did was go around telling everyone that their form was incorrect (which it wasn't) and she really didn't give a total body workout.. Or really a workout to begin with. Well, now I know to stay away from Monday's 1:00pm Total Body Conditioning with this instructor!

Anywho, since I wasted a perfectly good lunch hour on a crappy class, I hit up the NYSC again after work and did a 30 min sesh on the stair master.

My food highlights:
Breakfast: vegan oatmeal made with almond flour, milled flaxseed, almond milk and sliced almonds. This was filling but very bland. I need to keep working on this recipe.

Lunch: turkey and pastrami on home made spinach paleo bread (recipe coming this week).

Snack: mixed nuts, probably 1/4 cup

Dinner: Mexican meatloaf made with lean ground beef. Salad on the side.

Highlights from yesterday:

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