Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catch Up...

Wow, can you believe tomorrow is Thursday!! This week is flying by! I'm glad the day is winding down and I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep. Last night was no good in the sleep department. For the second time this week we had a water main break and had no water. The first time was last week but we were warned about this through email and were prepared to go a couple of hours without water. This time we had no warning and were out of water from 8:00pm to 2:00 am!!! We were fine and had tons of bottled water but we also just got back from the gym and I hate not showering after a workout!

At 2:00am we woke up to what sounded like pipes banging but was really the faucet that was left on and releasing air pressure. Then at 3:00am the water company decided to let the water out of a hydrant right outside and of course that woke us up again. All in all, it was a crazy night.

Well, now that that rant is over let's talk food and exercise. I didn't make it to the gym today. To start off I was EXHAUSTED from last night. Also, I'm pretty sore from yesterday's Total Body Conditioning class and Step class. So, today was a well deserved day off from working out. I did however, continue to make healthy food choices.

I started my day off with a smoothie made of almond milk, protein powder, pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice. Not too bad but I do wish it was sweeter. Maybe next time I will add a banana. Lunch was turkey on a paleo thins bread (I know I know.. Recipe is coming soon) and a salad with no dressing. In between lunch and dinner I snacked on some mixed nuts. Dinner was out with some friends. We went to a Chinese restaurant where a friend and I split steamed salmon with ginger dressing and a plate of mixed vegetables in spicy sauce. This meal was delicious!!

So, question.... With all you hear about diets such as low carb, low calorie, paleo, gluten free, etc do you ever drive yourself crazy wondering what to eat?!?!? Sometimes with all I hear out there I get so confused as to what to eat, what's good and what's bad. Yes, I do want to lose weight but I also want to feel good. To me, feeling good is so much more important than being thin. I also feel if I feel good, the weight will come off with regular exercise. So, I've started listening to my body more. I eat more whole foods and less processed foods. Sure, mix nuts can be fattening BUT I know the exact ingredients of what I'm eating. Sure, I make my paleo thins bread but I also know the 2-3 ingredients in my bread. Eating more whole foods certainly does make me feel better.

What is your approach to eating right?

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