Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last Night's Dinner...uh-oh

Last night my friend Nina and I checked out the hilarious act of comedian Ahmed Ahmed. Before that, we decided to have a small pizza dinner and cucumber salad. This was not the uh-oh moment. The uh-oh moment came during the dessert. Not only did I buy the wonderful mud pie and oreo cookie desserts but I also had quite a bit! This is the first time I've strayed from the Cinch! Diet. I think if I had just a little bit of the dessert then I would be fine, but I had a lot...and you know what? Since I over did it, this really didn't agree with me! The dull ache and bloat that I feel made me think that I just had too much. Now, this one setback will not undo all the hard work I've done.  Next time, I will tell myself to stop when I'm done!  Now, I still had a WONDERFUL night with Nina! I would do it all again, with a little less dessert :-p

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