Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Healthy Ways to Bulk Up Your Food...

Sometimes when you are trying to watch out for portion distortion, you'll realize that actual portion sizes are pretty small! We do eat with our eyes as well, and if we see such a small amount of food, we will this ever fill me up?!? Have no fear because there are healthy ways to bulk up your portion sizes without adding many points..and I mean hardly any! Next time you're cooking, try these suggestions out:
  • Anytime you have a meat dish using ground beef, chicken, turkey, or even chunks of meat such as chicken salad or even tuna salad, you can increase the bulk of your meals by adding finely diced mushrooms! When diced, mushrooms can be very meaty and you’ll hardly know they are mushrooms because they will absorb the flavor of whatever youre cooking.
  • Making a creamy dip? Substitute half of the 'creamy' part with non fat Greek Yogurt. This is awesome because Greek Yogurt is not tart, and is thick and rich. Best of all, it's fat free!
  • When baking, you can save a ton of fat and calories by substituting 3/4 of the oil for apple sauce!
  • Love mashed potatos but cannot take all the problem, boil up a head of cauliflower and mash this into the potatos! You'll get twice as many 'mashed potatos'!
  • Double up your guacamole by adding mashed peas...seriously, people will not even know the difference!

These are just a few tips and tricks I have. As I find more out, Ill post them. Do you guys have tips?


  1. Love the Tips, keep them coming! ~Vi

  2. Thanks Kanwal. These are great tips. I knew about the apple sauce one but not the others.