Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, last week at work was a healthy eating disaster! To be honest, the day that I slipped up was on Thursday, during my company's holiday party. There was more sweet than savory to eat and I over did it in the sweet department. So, the day was a total disaster! This week has been so much better though! My breakfasts have been steel cut oatmeal, snacks have been banana's, oranges, apples, I am back on track this week. Just need to get through Christmas and New Years successfully :-) How have you guys been doing?


  1. I have really messed up the last couple of weeks since I have been on travel for work and then my trip to MD to find a place to live. I been eating out everyday and at fast food places. I am hoping to get back to my schedule starting now that I am back in town. I just hope that I have not gain any weight if I have not lost it. I was trying to sensible in what I chose to ate but the point value was still ridiculous.

  2. Hey Dimple,
    you should really weigh yourself and see if you've maintained or gained. Either way, you will know that all you need to do to get back on track is to start eating right! Also, if you are travelling alot, you may want to think of taking healthy on the go snacks, such as fruit, nuts and granola bars. Hope this helps.