Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The INSANE fit test...

So, I told you all I would post up my Insanity fit test results. Here are the deets: My very first fit test August 17th: Switch Kicks: 62 Power Jacks: 36 Power Knees: 75 Power Jumps: 25 Globe Jumps: 24 Suicide Jumps: 9 Pushup Jacks: 11 Low Plank Obliques: 31 Now remember, the number corresponds with how many reps of each move I can do in one minute. My second fit test August 31st: Switch Kicks: 91 Power Jacks: 53 Power Knees: 84 Power Jumps: 30 Globe Jumps: 34 Suicide Jumps: 13 Pushup Jacks: 19 Low Plank Obliques: 44 Now for me, I felt this was good improvement in only two weeks! You workout 6 days a week by doing different cardio circuit training/plyometric workouts. One day is a "Recovery Workout", but I feel you really are not recovering :-p and one day you get for rest which is reserved for Sundays. I usually wind up working out on Sundays because I take a break during the week. For example, I did not work out yesterday, so I will follow the calendar, except do yesterday's workout today and today's workout tomorrow..etc. All in all, a very intense workout!

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