Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So you've fallen off the wagon...

So, you've been doing really well and keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. All of a sudden life throws you a curve ball and one bad day rolls into another. Soon becoming a bad week which soon spirals down into a "how could I have let this get so out of control situation!!!". Ok, don't panic EVERYONE goes through this atleast a few times in their weightloss/healthy lifestyle journey. Yes, anything can deter you from your gaols, a business trip, a bad work week, personal issues etc. The important thing to remember is to get right back on track and not make your few bad weeks a permament way of living! Here are a few steps to help you get through your tough time and get you right back on track: 1. Weigh yourself, see if you've gained any weight. If you did, don't let it dissappoint you that much. Don't forget, the weight can come off. 2. Start taking action of your diet and portions. You know having an apple is way better than a Snickers bar. Make wise choices when choosing foods. 3. Re evaluate your snacks. Try to have only fruits, veggies and proteins (apples. String cheese, yogurt, almonds). 4. Try to keep your dinner light on the carbs. If you can make a dish with protein and veggies. 5. Get some exercise in for atleast half an hour, it will make it easier to take the weight off. 6. Try not to eat past 8pm

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  1. Hi Kanwal, Of course I LOVE these. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask this, but can you suggest a good overall workout to do at the gym? I usually ride a bike for cardio, use a few of the weight machines, and try to work on my abs. But I don't know if that's considered a good workout. Any suggestions, please? Thank you! Glad you are back, Hugs, Carol