Friday, August 29, 2014

Panama: Bocas Del Toro

Well, we finally made it after an hour long flight from Panama City to Bocas Del Toro. 

Once we arrived we had a short drive to our WONDERFUL bed and breakfast, Koko Resort. 

Once we got to Koko Resort we were greated by Jack and Lee, the lovely owners of the resort. 

Side note:  Jack and Lee have lived in Panama for the past eight years running their bed and breakfast. They are originally from Ohio. 

Jack was already making us breakfast and Lee was serving us coffee. 

Jack made French toast and sausage. I had the French toast with sliced up fruit (the fruit is all grown on the island). 

Once we were done with breakfast we were brought to our cabin. Be prepared to be blown away:

Yes, my friends...this beautiful cabin has a full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom AND is on the water with a beautiful view!

Once Raj and I settled in we took a short walk to the grocery store and picked up a few bottles of water. We were advised not to drink the tap water here. 

Once back Raj and I knew we had to get to the beach. We packed up our beach bag and walked to the bus stop to take the direct bus to Drago beach. 

We were told Drago beach is a quiet beach with tranquil waters. The bus ride was about 25 minutes. 

Once there we hiked a two mile path to the actual beach. 

After the hike we were rewarded with a beautiful beach. 

We were at the beach all day. It was wonderful. The sun was out and the water was warm. Heaven. 

Lunch time rolled around and we got lunch from a small shack on the beach. I had the snapper, locally caught. 

The snapper was delicious. Along side the snapper were plantains, rice and salad. YUM!!

Then there was more beach time :-)

Can you see the hundreds of teeny tiny crabs? They are everywhere. 

Towards the evening we left the beach. Remember that two mile hike we took ginger to the beach?  Well we found out this thing would take us back for $1.50: 

:) that was a no brainer. We paid the $1.50. 

We are now on our way back to the bed and breakfast.

Raj and I plan to have dinner at a local place in town. Stay tuned...

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