Monday, November 19, 2012

Breakfast Time...

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

How are you all doing?  I am grateful this is a short work week :-) My commute this morning was hellish.  Until the Path trains get it together (no Christopher St. stop = crowded trains), I feel I will be shoved in many directions during my morning commute.  No biggie, I've accepted this :-p

Anywho, moving on, I've lost .2 pounds from last week.  That's OK, considering I hadn't started to eat healthy until Saturday :-p This morning I woke up ravenous and before I could take a pic, I inhaled a delicious banana and black coffee.  I managed to calm down and take a pic of the overly boiled hard boiled eggs I had (2). Today, I'm hoping to get to the gym and get my run on.  I'm starting slow and want to try to run a mile then do some strength training.  I'm also very excited to get home this evening as I want to start cooking for Thanksgiving!
mmm..nothing like dark yolks!
How are you guys doing? What's on the menu for breakfast?

Breakfast WW pts: 4

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  1. Kanwal, what have you cooked thus far for thanksgiving, please share recipes of everything you made ...