Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

While I was in the grocery store I was craving a chocolate chip cookie but was looking for a low point option. I was also looking for a soft, chewy cookie, similar to Chips Ahoy soft baked cookies. This is when I found Weight Watchers soft baked chocolate chip cookies for only one point! I was a little apprehensive in buying these because of all the artificial ingredients but thought I would only be having this occasionally so this should not be too bad to fight off a craving. When I opened the box I found nine individually wrapped cookies. All were of decent size as well and still a very soft. The cookies were soft, chewy and just a little dense. This may sound weird but i really like dense cookies and brownies. The cookies were also a bit sweet, but not like cookie sweet but apple saucy sweet. All in all for just one point and less than a hundred calories I thought these were a great soft baked chocolate chip cookie fix! The only downside: there were a helluva lot of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. I would probably only eat these cookies when I really needed to get rid of a craving.

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