Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Was it worth it...

So, let's play a game of 'Was It Worth It'. This morning for breakfast I had Honey and Strawberry Greek Yogurt, by Greek Gods. Of course I did not have the non fat or even 2% version of this (otherwise this game would not be fun :-p). Instead, I had the full fat version, and the serving size was one cup. The points value for just one cup of this delicious yogurt is 7 points!!! So, I thought, sure I've had 7 point breakfasts before and I've been completely full until lunch time. So, if this will keep me full until lunch time, why not try this?
I had this yogurt at 9:00am, by 11:00am, I was hungry, however I am waiting until lunch time to eat anything.
So, was it worth it....NO! If you do want yogurt for breakfast, get the non fat or 2% and have something else. Seven points is a lot for breakfast and you can definitely have something more filling. Better yet, have half the serving of this yogurt and some granola...that ought to keep you much more fuller for longer!

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